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God's Children matters because it can educate,inspire and motivate the community to learn more about the Bible Poetry and Prayers. God's Children is a Community that Worship God sharing Motivational, Inspirational Biblical Quotes,Prayers, Poetry and Bible Verses

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Around the globe people have servants who call them king, madam or master

Jesus Christ is the greatest man in history that had no servants and people called Him master

Some people will get upset when you write you’re own thoughts thinking the invertible

God will open the floodgates of Heaven and pour blessings on you.

Liars and cheaters will convince you with a lie believing they’re telling the truth

The Bible will not hurt you and never comfort you with a lie

A friend or family member will have excuses to end a chat on any application

We don’t see God and when you talk to Him we know in our hearts He is listening

Some would say don’t intoxicate me with your negative spirit

God left us behind positivity and that’s the Holly Spirit

Someone will always push you down forgetting they were once in your shoes

God will turn your life around with loads of happiness and blossoms of God’s grace

You will meet people at the right and wrong time

When you meet Jesus Christ your heart will not be troubled, neither will you be afraid

Mankind are changing rules every day

God didn’t change anything all we have to do is to share the word of God with someone

Everybody isn’t your friend because real situations exposes fake people

God is your only true friend and will never forsake or abandon you

Pedophiles will pickup people to abuse, rape and murder them without any reason

God has a habit of picking up nobodies and making them somebodies.

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